FloraMax Veg-1 Starter Kit



  • Experience awesome Single Part Nutrient
  • One bottle performs flawlessly from seed to harvest
  • Simply follow the included instructions

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FloraMax Veg-1 Starter Kit is specifically created for ease of use and is a great way to experience the most professional Single Part Nutrient available.

Simply follow the included instructions in your Veg-1 Starter Kit and watch as your plants flourish with vitality.

What is FloraMax Veg-1?
FloraMax Veg-1 is a 1-part base full spectrum base nutrient contained in a single-bottle that performs flawlessly from seed to harvest in hydro, coco and soil with no additional calcium and magnesium supplement or extra nitrogen required and has greater pH stability than most 2-part Base Nutrients – WOW!

FloraMax Veg-1 Starter Kit includes:
4 x FloraMax Veg-1 1L
1 x FloraMax Resin-XS 1L
1 x FloraMax Flowering Enhancer 1L
1 x FloraMax OrganaBud 250ml
1 x FloraMax Root-XS 250ml

Veg-1 Starter Kit also includes handy tips and cheats chart as well as a specific nutrient feed guide.

Designed for ease of use, FloraMax offer a comprehensive feed guide, allowing you to accurately dose your hydroponic system for maximum efficacy.

FloraMax History:
FloraMax was conceived from analytical chemists who had specialized in water chemistry, agriculture and hydroponics since 1966. In 1992 they began to manufacture crop-specific nutrients – which eventually led to the formation of FloraMax.

FloraMax nutrients were developed to take advantage of the latest technologies in plant biochemistry. This would improve performance in areas such as trichome and root development, pH control, nutrient stability and cleanliness. The benefit to growers is faster and enhanced growth, more valuable yields, and significant improvements in ease-of-use.

The products were developed using intensive feedback from a “developer” base of over 50 commercial growers.

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