FloraMax Cloner 60ml



  • To treat cuttings prior to planting
  • Specialised cloning gel formulation
  • 100% organic formulation

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FloraMax Cloner is a specialised gel formulation that provides a protective coating on the cut-end for treating cuttings prior to planting which helps seal the cut and prevent air bubbles from entering the stem tissue.

FloraMax Cloner’s unique 100% organic composition is highly stable and more readily adsorbed onto plant tissue so that the cutting is preserved throughout the pre-rooting period.

Cloner is thinner than other gels, which allows for a higher rate of absorption into the cutting and provides faster results than thicker formulations.

Designed for ease of use, FloraMax offer a comprehensive feed guide, allowing you to accurately dose your hydroponic system for maximum efficacy.

o Specialised cloning gel formulation
o Highly stable and more readily adsorbed
o For treating cuttings prior to planting

Dosage: Pre-dip cuttings prior to planting.

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