FloraMax Clone Spray 1L



  • Fast root and foliage growth in clones and seeds
  • Prevents stress & wilting of stems & leaves
  • Promotes root development within 4-7 days


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FloraMax Clone Spray is developed specifically to reduce overall cropping time by promoting root development followed by explosive root and foliage growth through veg and early bloom.

Clone Spray should be used to achieve fast, seamless growth through the seedling (clone) and vegetative phases to greatly assist crop rotation speed and is especially effective when growing under HID lights, as young plants have limited nutrient uptake ability due to their small foliage and root mass.

FloraMax Clone Spray accelerates early root and foliage growth via the delivery of essential nutrients and stimulants to leaf stomata.

Designed for ease of use, FloraMax offer a comprehensive feed guide, allowing you to accurately dose your hydroponic system for maximum efficacy.

o Reduces overall cropping time by promoting root development
o Prevents transplant stress and wilting
o Use Non-Toxic wetting agent
o Delivers nutrients and stimulants to leaf stomata
o Absorption through the stomatal pathway is enhanced

Dosage: 25ml/L
Apply foliar spray to clones and seedlings through to veg and early bloom.

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