Avenger Reflector Medium



  • Supplied with a Super Spreader
  • Double parabolic lighting reflector
  • Twice the power and efficiency

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Avenger Reflector Medium is the premium, top of the range Adjust-A-Wings Reflector meticulously engineered for optimal light management in hydroponic setups. The super reflective surface is vapour coated with molten glass, titanium dioxide and is PVD / ceramic coated creating an enormous 95-97% reflectivity.

Designed with precision, the Avenger Reflector Shade boasts an expansive size, measuring 70cm in length and 55cm in width, ensuring full coverage for your growing space. Its adjustable wings allow you to fine-tune the light distribution, catering to the specific requirements of your plants at different growth stages.

Avenger Reflector Shades are constructed from high-quality reflective materials, that ensures uniform light distribution, minimising hotspots and maximising the utilisation of every photon emitted by your grow lights.

The result? Enhanced photosynthesis, leading to healthier plant growth and more bountiful yields.

Avenger Reflector Shades are the ultimate choice for serious hydroponic growers seeking superior light management solutions.

o Double parabolic lighting reflector
o Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors
o Corrosion-resistant
o 97% reflective
o Glass coated superalloy
o Easy installation. No tools required
o Lamp holder adjustable in height, completely parallel to the reflector
o Curved anchors to hang the reflector, which allows it to be “inclined”

Packaging Content:
1 x Adjust-A-Wings Medium Avenger Reflector
1 x E40 Lamp Socket + Enforcer Spreader

36 months against defects in materials and workmanship with proof of purchase. After the repair of your product, the warranty will not be prolonged.

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