Acoustic Ducting 315mm x 5m



  • Dampens the sound of fans by about 50%
  • Effectively reduce noise produced by your fan
  • 5 metre lengths


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Acoustic Ducting 315mm, designed to enhance ventilation systems while minimising noise pollution is ideal for both residential and commercial environments where quiet operation is essential.

With a diameter of 315mm, this ducting is compatible with various ventilation setups, offering versatility for a range of applications. Its acoustic properties ensure that sound is absorbed effectively, reducing noise transmission through the ducting system.

Acoustic Ducting 315mm ensures a peaceful environment without compromising on airflow efficiency. The flexibility of the ducting enables easy installation, allowing for hassle-free integration into existing setups.

Diameter: 315mm
Material: High-quality acoustic-grade materials
Length: 5.0 metres
Compatibility: Suitable for various ventilation systems
Noise Reduction: Effectively minimises noise transmission
Durability: Long-lasting and resilient construction

Upgrade your ventilation system with our Acoustic Ducting 315mm and experience the perfect balance of functionality and tranquillity.

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