200 Micron Screen for TRIM TRAY


  • 200 micron Ultra Fine Screen
  • Feather-lite laptop non-slip surface
  • Black 200 Micron Tray suits 150 Tray Kit

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200-micron screen for TRIM TRAY features our widest screen offered with the same top tray innovation as the standard 150-micron screen and has been designed to fit onto the original Trim Tray, or on top of the orange 150 Micron Screen on the base tray (sold separately).

200 Micron Screen for TRIM TRAY is for precision filtering and separation during trimming sessions. With a mesh size of 200 microns, this screen offers optimal filtration, allowing only the finest particles to pass through while efficiently trapping unwanted debris. Whether you’re trimming cannabis, herbs, or other botanicals, this screen guarantees superior results, delivering a cleaner, purer final product.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this essential accessory ensures you achieve unparalleled refinement in your herb preparation process

Invest in excellence and revolutionise your trimming routine today with the precision and reliability of the 200 Micron Screen for TRIM TRAY.
Elevate your end product quality and streamline your trimming process effortlessly with 200 Micron Screen for TRIM TRAY.

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