1.6L Anti-Spiralling Pot 140mm



  • Anti Root Spiralling Pot 140mm | 1.6L
  • Small Size
  • Promotes a fibrous non-girdling root system


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1.6L Anti-Spiralling Pot 140mm anti-spiralling design encourages roots to grow outwards and promote a fibrous non-girdling root system preventing them from tangling and becoming bound within the container. No more pot-bound plants!

Anti-Spiralling Pots have been designed specifically for hydroponics and gardening enthusiasts alike and eliminates the age-old problem of root spiralling, ensuring your plants receive consistent and unrestricted nutrient uptake.

Constructed from durable, UV treated weather-resistant plastic, anti-spiralling pots are built to withstand the rigors of hydroponic systems and outdoor environments, offering a long-lasting and important piece of equipment to your growing environment.

o Diameter: 140mm
o Capacity: 1.6L
o Material: UV treated weather-resistant plastic
o Colour: Black

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