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Professor�s Flower Boost Organic is a 100% premium organic concentrated PK flower enhancer scientifically formulated to initiate early flowering and node development. Professor�s Flower Boost Organic provides plants with the perfect ratio of PK to produce a large, high quality yield. Whether you are cultivating flowering or fruiting plants, Professor�s Flower Boost Organicwill give your plants the exact PK ratio they need to release their full potential. In the early flowering stage, Phosphorus is used by plants to help form new roots, promote blooming, increase fruit and flowering and maximise crop quality and harvest size. The best way to maximise yields is to incorporate the correct flowering stimulant into your feeding program. It can mean the difference between a highly successful harvest or one that leaves you disappointed. It is at this stage of the cycle that simply feeding nutrients alone is not enough. Professor�s Flower Boost Organic � 100% organic pk enhancer - BOOSTS EARLY BLOOMS AND BIGGER YIELDS!

Professor�s Flower Boost Organic

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