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Professor�s Cloning Accelerator delivers key nutrients and trace elements through foliar spraying of the leaves. It�s perfectly balanced formula has been specifically created to deliver the right amount of ph adjusted nutrient to young and delicate plants. When part of a plant is cut, and this part has no root system, the ability of the cutting to get nutrients from its surroundings becomes minimal.CLONING ACCELERATOR � Foliar Spray. Foliar feeding is an alternative way of feeding plants by applying liquid fertilizer directly to their leaves. Without an established root zone, you need a high quality foliar spray to supply your plants the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. In order to supply suitable nutrients to the plant, a foliar spray should be applied. Professor�s Cloning Accelerator contains Humic Acid which research has shown, when foliar applied, can boost photosynthesis, improve growth and development. It also contains crucial elements which are designed to restore any discolouring which may occur during the life of the cutting.

Professor�s Cloning Accelerator 1L

SKU: 1814
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