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The HI-PAR� Sunstorm Reflector has gained incredible popularity for garden connoisseurs and medical-grade cultivators. Create the ultimate double 315w CMH fixture using the only 315w Reflector with endless connectivity! Featuring a unique engineered design to maximise light output from the CMH lamp, the HI-PAR� Sunstorm cleverly dissipates excess heat from the bulb while improving the performance from your lamp. The HI-PAR� Sunstorm Reflector range is built tough, with incredibly durable external housing and precisely engineered MIRO Aluminium reflective interior. This ensures the CMH Arc-Tube output is efficiently reflected back onto the crop with minimal wasted light. HI-PAR� Sunstorm Reflectors come with a PGZ18 thread as standard, removing the need for adaptors. These are the only Reflectors that are custom designed for CMH 315w Technology and will outperform any retrofitted reflector alternatives. HI-PAR� Connecta-Reflecta can be linked together using our unique housing and are available in Horizontal mounted bulb for larger footprints, or Vertically mounted bulb for more direct/intense footprints, and this allows for unrestricted links with the ultimate CMH Fixtures! Research has proven that CMH lamps are up to 15% more effective when used in CMH specific reflectors. Upgrade your dated batwing for the next generation HI-PAR� SUNSTORM! TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Precise design for maximum CMH/QMH efficiency Available in horizontal or vertical lamp mount Input 220-240v AU Plug Reflectors can be linked together PGZ18 Thread standard This unit is for 315w CMH/QMH BULBS ONLY! IN THE BOX: 1 x HI-PAR� SUNSTORM REFLECTOR 2 x HI-PAR� Ratchet Ties 2 x HI-PAR� V-Hangers

HI-PAR� SUNSTORM 315W Connecta-Reflecta

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