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The HI-PAR� Duo Reflector is the first of it�s kind in Australia! This unique design features both E40 and PGZ18 brackets so users can mount 1 x 315w CMH lamp and 1 x 400w/600w HPS E40 lamp in a single air-cooled reflector! HI-PAR� utilised the highest quality reflective MIRO Aluminium and toughened steel housing to ensure durability and longevity in their design! The HI-PAR� Duo Reflector is engineered for gardeners looking for increases in both the quality and quantity from their home produce! HI-PAR� Duo Reflector Features: E40 (SE) and PGZ18 (CMH) lamp mount Air-Cooled for improved climate control MIRO Aluminium for flawless efficiency Maximum PAR output from both lamps! Mixed spectrum light output for improved quality & quantity 6� (150mm) Vents for attachment of ducting The HI-PAR� Duo allows cultivators to utilise the incredible spectrum of a CMH lamp with the raw power of HPS output. Mixed spectrums has proven to encourage healthier plant growth and improved yield from heavy fruiting crops.

HI-PAR� Duo Reflector CMH + E40

SKU: 3903
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