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The HI-PAR� 600w Controllable Ballast is our range of smart HID solutions for hobby or commercial cultivators. Our 600w HI-PAR� digital ballasts have built a strong following for their durability, reliability and results! This range of HI-PAR� 600w ballasts allows you to take control and harness the raw power! The 600w Controllable Ballast is our smartest 600w ballast, ever! Our intelligent ballasts can identify and adjust electrical current to ensure your lamp is operating with the best possible efficiency. Now with Control functionality, they can even link with other smart ballasts! Simply plug the HI-PAR� Control Station (sold separately) into the TRS �Link� port on your controllable ballast to utilise all of our intelligent controller features including sunrise/sunset, digital 1% dimming, lighting timing, safety and more! TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: � Designed for maximum PAR output and efficiency � Intelligent dimming control 60% - 100% or BOOST � Controllable with HI-PAR� Control Station � Highest quality internal components � Single-Ended or Double-Ended lamp compatibility � Strikes 400v or 240v, HPS or MH horticultural lamps � Smart green LED indicator light � Digital random start technology � Superior RF Shielding � Low start-up current <3.0A � Input 240v, Imax = 3.0A, PF>0.99, CF<1.6 � 12 Month limited warranty ?IN THE BOX: 1 x HI-PAR� 600w Control Ballast 1 x IEC Power Cable 1 x Control �Link� Cable

HI-PAR� 600W/400V Control Series Ballast

SKU: 3915
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