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The HI-PAR� 315w CMH Controllable Ballast is our smartest CMH solution for both hobby and commercial cultivators! Utilising unique 50/60Hz operation for increased CMH efficiency, our controllable digital HI-PAR� 315w ballasts offer intelligent solutions for manageability and precision light output control. Unlock the smart ballast features using the HI-PAR� Control Station. HI-PAR� Control Station allows multiple unit management and room monitoring technology. HI-PAR� has built a strong foundation of reliability and unique ceramic lighting solutions. HI-PAR's� latest release in the CMH market provides smart dimming to ensure ideal conditions can be provided to your crops. The smart CMH ballast has Control Station, plug & play connectivity, so simply plug the HI-PAR� Control Station (sold separately) into the TRS �INPUT� port on your Controllable Ballast to utilise all of our intelligent controller features! TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: � Designed for maximum PAR output and efficiency � Intelligent dimming control 60% - 100% � Compatible with �HI-PAR� Control Station� � Highest quality Japanese internal components � CMH Horticultural lamp compatibility � Increased PAR efficiency compared to HPS or MH � Smart green LED indicator light � Digital random start technology � Superior RF shielding � Low start-up current <3.0A, � Input 220-240v, 50-60Hz, Imax = 1.6A, � PF>0.97, CF<1.6, THD<10% � 12 Month limited warranty ?IN THE BOX: 1 x HI-PAR� 315w Control Ballast 1 x IEC Power Cable 1 x Control �Link� Cable

HI-PAR� 315W Control Series Ballast

SKU: 3916
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