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The HI-PAR� 315w CMH Dynamic DE Control kits were engineered to enhance essential oil production. Utilising a unique DE (Double-Ended) CMH bulb with our powerful next-generation HI-PAR� 315w Control Ballast allows growers to incorporate CMH fixtures into the HI-PAR� Control Station rooms. The 315w Control Kit includes our new Smart 315w ballast, Dynamic Reflector & CMH Horticultural lamp. These fixtures output a similar light spectrum to natural sunshine; which results in enhanced plant profile development and essential oil production! The HI-PAR� CMH Dynamic DE Controllable kit is the most advanced 315w complete fixture - Controllable, dimmable and compatible with the new DE CMH bulb! HI-PAR� Dynamic kits allow you to run the ballast remotely or as an all-in-one. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: � PPFD: 596 average umol m-2 s-1 (Tested @ 60cm height over 1.2m2 average) � CRI: >90% � Kelvin: 3000k � THD: <10% � Lamp Life: >90% @ 20,000 hrs � Low start up current: <3.0A � Input 220-240v � 50-60z, Imax 1.6A � PF >0.97 / CF <1.6 � 12-Month limited warranty IN THE BOX: � 1 X HI-PAR� 315W CMH Controllable Ballast � 1 x 315W Double Ended (DE) CMH Lamp � 1 x Double Ended Lamp Shield (must be used with DE CMH lamps) � 1 x HI-PAR� Double Ended Dynamic Reflector � 1 x HI-PAR� Connect Link Cable � 1 x HI-PAR� Power Cable � 1 x HI-PAR� 4.5m Reflector Extension Cord Linkable with the HI-PAR� Control Station for creative commercial solutions which is ideal for large facilities with mixed spectrum lighting.

HI-PAR� 315W CMH Dynamic DE Control Kit

SKU: 3905
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